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EA - Enrolled Agent to Practice Before Internal Revenue Service —
Certified Tax Resolution Specialist
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Protecting Yourself from Tax Audits

Crunching Numbers

When you use Bill W. Morlong, Jr., EA & CTRS, you have a person on your side who has specialized solely in tax audit matters and has done so for more than 47 years in Gig Harbor, Washington. When necessary, I offer mobile services to your area to deal with tax related matters.

Dealing with the IRS is not a joking matter. If you're facing an audit, it's best to have a professional like Bill W. Morlong, Jr., EA & CTRS handle the issue for you. I know the tax laws inside and out and often, when a taxpayer tries to handle their own audit, the IRS will try to position their questions to trap you so they can deny your expenses. I know the tax codes, regulations and court cases that will prove your position and give you the best possible end result.  

For your own protection and to achieve the best outcome for you, my client, I always handle audits at either an IRS Office or at my own office without my clients' presence. This limits the potential for an IRS agent to attempt to confuse or intimidate you and allows me to use the skills and knowledge that I have perfected in the best way possible.

Tax Audits

If your income tax return has been selected for an audit and you do not know why it may be for a number of reasons. I determine if your audit is due to high expense amounts, computer-selected returns for IRS occupation programs, or just that your number was picked for a selected audit program.

Payroll Tax Matters

Sometimes, a business runs into financial problems and is unable to pay their payroll taxes. As your resolution specialist, I use the prevailing rules and regulations to keep the IRS from closing your business and attacking your business assets.

Back Returns / Non-Filed Tax Returns

Several reasons prevent taxpayers from filing their tax returns including medical reasons and busy schedules. If the taxpayer owes taxes currently, the IRS will not authorize an installment agreement until the taxpayer is in full compliance of the unfiled returns. Additionally, the IRS will file a substitute for return (SFR) as single with no deductions. If this is not resolved, other collection actions normally follow. You could be facing liens, levies, and the non-ability of establishing an installment agreement. If these returns are not filed, this could result in criminal charges.

Contact me for a skilled management of your case if you have been selected by the IRS for a tax audit.

Signing Documents

Depending on the type of taxes owed, the amount owed, and ability to pay, IRS debt resolution can come in many forms. There may be one or more options available that Bill W. Morlong, Jr., EA & CTRS in Gig Harbor, Washington, can use to resolve your specific tax-related issue. IRS debt resolution options include:

• Appealing a Government Action - Knowing How to Protect Your Rights When the IRS Violates Them
• Installment Agreements - Paying Back Taxes with Affordable Terms
• Offer in Compromise - Known as “Pennies for Dollars”
• Taxpayer Advocate - When the IRS Does Improper Acts
• Wage Garnishments - Stopping Wage & Bank Garnishments
• Currently Not Collectable - Creating a Situation Where No Payments Are Needed
• Bankruptcy Liaison - Working with an Attorney for Full/Partial Discharge of Tax
• Non-Filed Returns - Filing Unfiled Returns to Terminate Any Criminal Inquiries
• US Tax Court Petition - Filing a US Tax Court Petition to Protect Clients Rights

Installment Agreement to Pay Your Liability

The IRS has statutory authority to enter into a written installment agreement that enables the taxpayer to pay his or her tax liability over time if the arrangement facilitates the collection of the tax. In April 2009, the IRS commissioner announced ways to help taxpayers cope with economic downturn; however, without a professional tax resolution specialist, the amount of the payment can be detrimental to the taxpayer and create payments different from the payment I could negotiate to protect your cash flow. My experience allows me to work with the Automated Collection Service (ACS) of the IRS and prepare the necessary financial forms to ensure that the payment installments are appropriate for your set of circumstances.

Wage and Bank Levy ReleaseAnchor

If you have a wage or bank levy, I may be able to help get it resolved. In many cases, these levies can be reduced or eliminated, as the IRS does not always use the correct calculations in determining the levy.

The purpose of the IRS is to collect taxes on behalf of the federal government. If a Taxpayer does not pay their taxes then the IRS will demand payment through phone calls, visits, and letters. The IRS does not have to provide any further notice after the “Notice of Intent to Levy”; so it is imperative to have us intercede on your behalf to make sure that this event does not occur.

Offer in Compromise

The government and the taxpayer can settle a tax liability on the grounds of doubt as to liability or doubt as to collectibility. The IRS will accept an offer in compromise (OIC) with the necessary paperwork and supporting documents. It is imperative to have this professionally done to ensure the correct procedures are taken, protect your assets, and resolve the tax liability. If disallowed, the matter may need to be sent to appeals.

Currently Not Collectible

The IRS will place a taxpayer's account in a currently not collectible (CNC) status if they determine that the IRS is presently unable to collect the taxes by full payment, through an installment agreement, or by way of an offer in compromise. Once the account is in currently not collectible status, the IRS does not pursue collection activity against the taxpayer and the collection statute will continue to run. Penalties and interest continue to accrue, however, nothing changes unless the taxpayer's financial status changes.

Contact me to speak to an enrolled agent about resolving your IRS debt and preventing criminal charges.

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