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EA - Enrolled Agent to Practice Before Internal Revenue Service —
Certified Tax Resolution Specialist
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Tax Solutions from an Enrolled Agent & Certified Tax Resolution Specialist - Bill W. Morlong, Jr., EA & CTRS



When the IRS selects you for a tax audit, I use different strategies to establish a reasonable installment agreement and keep them from attacking your personal assets.

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IRS Debt

Resolving IRS Debt

Through various IRS debt resolution methods, I work with clients and the IRS to come to an agreement on a reduced balance that will be considered payment in full.

National Association of Enrolled Agents, EAs

National Society of Public Accountants

Accreditation Council of Accountancy & Taxation

Washington Society of Enrolled Agents, EAs

Washington Association of Accountants

American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

We specialize in dealing with the below tax problems on your behalf for your tax debt resolution. So if you have any of these issues, let me be your presentation specialist to resolve the matter quickly.

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My Story

I'm Bill W. Morlong, Jr., an EA & CTRS enrolled agent and a certified tax resolution specialist in Gig Harbor, Washington. My firm provides clients with representation and resolutions related to IRS matters nationwide. I specialize in resolving IRS tax problems and taking the stress off of dealing with the IRS. My rates are very competitive and I offer higher quality services than many leading competitors. 

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I am an Enrolled Agent (EA) licensed to practice before the IRS, an Accredited Business and Tax Accountant from the Accreditation Council of Accountancy and Taxation, and a Certified Tax Representation Specialists (CTRS) from the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

​The advantage of working an EA is that the license is granted by the United States Treasury directly. This license, along with other certifications that specialize solely in total tax matters, means an EA is trained to focus specifically on taxes and tax issues. Attorney's and CPA's licenses cover much broader aspects of law or accounting matters and don't provide the type of specialized service an EA can. The CTRS is an organization that specializes only in resolving taxation matters. An EA's license is also valid in every state and territory in the United States, whereas attorney and CPA licenses' are only valid in the state that their license was issued.

By choosing us, you get a service that has specialized solely in tax matters and tax problems for nearly 50 years with a long-standing record of favorable results for our clients. When needed, we also offer mobile services to your area to deal with IRS audits and other related matters.

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Contact me today to speak to a certified tax resolution specialist regarding an audit or stressful IRS debt.

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